High Performance Aromatic Hydrocarbon Resin

Usage detail

A colorless and transparent hydrocarbon resin used in hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesive and toner materials for copy machines.



  • Introduction

FTR™ is a high-grade hydrocarbon resin that is a colorless and transparent material created by a proprietary oligomer manufacturing technology. The hydrocarbon resin possesses excellent heat resistance and low odor, and is compatible with various plastics and elastomers. Multiple grades are available for use in hot melt adhesives, adhesive tapes and toner materials for copy-machines.

Key characteristics of the hydrocarbon resin include:

  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Superior compatibilty with various polymers such as EVA, SBC, acrylic resins, polyolefin wax
  • Solubility in various organic solvents
  • Strong adhesion at high temperature

In addition, FTR has excellent color stability. FTR8100 hardly changes color during heating at 180°C.


The hydrocarbon resin is used in hot melt adhesives, adhesive tapes and toner materials for copy-machine due to its unique set of characteristics and properties.

Acrylic Resin-Type Adhesive

FTR6000 and FTR8000 are suitable for applications such as optical devices, tapes and labels as a tackifier due to their heat and weather resistance.

Thermal Transfer Ink

FTR8000 can be used as an ink binder because of quick softening and hardening characteristics and good compatibility with EVA and wax.

Toner for Copy Machines and Printers

FTR2120 and FTR2140 can be used as a grinding medium for toner resin for copy machines and printers due to good processability and high yield and quality particles. FTR has good pulverizability so particles are small in size with sharp particle size distribution.

Grinding Medium for Toner Resin

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