ICT Solutions

Business vision (Our ideal vision for 2030)

Creating and growing a “unique” ICT Solutions business that contributes to the
evolution of AI, beyond-5G, and other such technologies that can support safe and
pleasant infrastructure, healthy living, and a sustainable global environment

Main Products

Semiconductor & assembly solutions

Dust covers for photomasks (MITSUI PELLICLE™), silane/disilane,
soluble polyimide varnish (PIVAR™), high frequency printed circuit board material (Gigafreq™),
resist raw material (MILEX™), piezoelectric material (PIEZOLA™),
semiconductor manufacturing process tapes (ICROS™ Tape),
silicone-coated film (SP-PET™), heat-resistant release film (Opulent™)

Pick UpMITSUI PELLICLE™ : World-leading dust cover for Photomask

Employed in the exposure process that facilitates the production of semiconductors, LCD panels and more, photomask pellicles serve as a protective cover for intricately patterned photomasks, preventing dust from attaching to the photomask and affecting the imaging on the silicon wafer or glass substrate.

We contribute to customers' productivity improvement not only by designing materials and products, but also by providing services based on our experience and technology.


Imaging solutions

Lens materials (APEL™), materials for reflective films (TPX™),
LCD and OLED sealing materials (STRUCTBOND™)

Pick UpAPEL™ : Transparent resin for high performance lenses

APEL™ is a cyclic olefin copolymer used in the camera lenses of smartphones. With a high refractive index and low birefringence, APEL™ can be used in place of glass for optical lens applications, facilitating the design of smaller, lighter products

APEL™ also has excellent moisture-proof properties, resistance to chemicals and non-attachment characteristics, it is used for medical packaging material.


Semiconductor & assembly solutions

Capacitator material (TPX™), materials for LiB separator (HI-ZEX MILLION™),
electrolyte for LiB (MILLET™), adhesive for LiB pouch (UNISTOLE™), heat resistant coating material (BONRON™)

Converting solutions

L-LDPE film (T.U.X™), resource-saving and environmentally friendly L-LDPE film (L-Smart™),
heat sealant for environmentally friendly paper packaging materials (CHEMIPEARL™),
barrier coating materials ( TAKELAC™ WPB ), packaging adhesives (TAKENATE™ & TAKELAC™)

Pick UpCHEMIPEARL™ : Polyolefin-based Aqueous Dispersion

CHEMIPEARL™ is a polyolefin-based aqueous dispersion developed by Mitsui Chemicals' unique technology.
It provides heat-sealing property, water-resistance and oil-resistance to paper by coating and could be used for various types of paper packaging material including food packaging.
CHEMIPEARL™ coated paper can reduce usage of plastic and it is easily crushable and becoming pulp slurry compared to PE-laminated paper.


Major Group Company

Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello provides film and sheet products for food packaging, semiconductors, electronic parts, solar panels, distribution, construction, beverages, cosmetics and more.

We do everything from R&D to production and sales. That means sowing the seeds of innovation and harvesting new technologies ahead of the competition as we move quickly to deliver just the right products for you.