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A heat resistant release film, available in single layer and in multi layer, the polymethylpentene film offers high moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR).



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TPX™ Film Opulent™ is a high performance heat resistant release film used for a wide range of applications including flex circuits. The non stickiness polymethylpentene film is available in both single layer and multi layer and either may be selected according to the application.

Release Film Structure

For additional information on TPX Film Opulent, a polymethylpentene film with high moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), contact the product manager. Mitsui Chemicals develops innovative materials for a wide range of markets. Major and potential markets for the flexible polymethylpentene film with cushioning include aerospace, automotive, electronics, and solar power.

For more information on TPX™ Polymethylpentene (PMP) please click here

The polymethylpentene film's unique combination of properties and characteristics delivers high temperature performance, mechanical strength, and versatile film format.


Since its surface tension is low, Opulent exhibits excellent releasability against a broad range of materials such as:

  • Epoxy resin
  • Polyurethane
  • Unsaturated polyester
  • Phenolic resin
  • EVA
  • Hot melt adhesives
  • Various metals such as gold and copper
  • Various rubbers such as silicone rubber, natural rubber, SBR, NBR

Cushioning Property

Opulent can conform to any complex geometry shape because it softens at approximately
40°C (104°F).

Heat Resistance

The non stickiness polymethylpentene film can be used in a high temperature range of 200°C. Since the melting point of TPX is approximately 230°C (446°F), the film can be used in any process even at 200°C (392°F) adequately.

Less Contamination

The Opulent line contains no plasticizer or silicone.

Environmental Effects

Opulent can be disposed of by incineration.

Release Film Markets & Applications

This non stickiness polymethylpentene film can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Heat Resistant Release Film for Flex Circuits and Rigid-flex Circuits

Due to the excellent balance between heat resistance and releasability and its conformity to complex patterns, Opulent™ has been favorably accepted as release film for flex circuits.

In flex circuit manufacturing process, the release film can be used in the cover lay film bonding or stiffener bonding process.

Release Film for Advanced Composite Material (ACM)

ACM is a composite material with excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance. In the ACM manufacturing process Opulent is used as a release film when the prepreg of carbon fiber, aramid fiber, and epoxy resin is cured.

Release Film for Semiconductor Encapsulation

Opulent is used as a release film when semiconductors are encapsulated with a thermosetting resin and cured.

Release Film in Advanced Technology Materials Manufacturing

Opulent can be used for various industrial fields such as solar where releasability and heat resistance is required in the manufacture of advanced technology materials.

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