Fine Particle Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Powder (UHMWPE Powder)

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Lubricity additive for coatings, and compounding of rubber and engineering plastics, and a sintering resin for filter media.



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MIPELON™ is a very fine particle, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder with a diameter range of 10µm - 30µm. More spherical particles of MIPELON contribute to enhance the lubricity as an additive for compounding of rubbers and engineering plastics as well as work as a key-element for coatings. Additionally, MIPELON is environmentally-friendly because it consists of just carbon and hydrogen without any halogenated materials. MIPELON brings revolutionary new solutions to the conventional fine powder additives market.

  MIPELON Conventional polyethylene

Small Spherical Powder


SEM Photo (10µm-New MIPELON™)

UHMWPE Powder Particle Size Distribution

This fine particle ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder's superior abrasion resistance and self lubrication qualities make it ideal for use as a performance additive in coatings, plastics, rubbers, and other materials.

The addition of MIPELON to engineering plastics including POM and PA and general purpose resin improves their overall property composition.

Modification of Resin

When added to various rubbers and resins such as polyacetal or nylon, the material provides:

  • Improved lubrication
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Better impact strength and chemical resistance

When mixed with fillers and pigments, this UHMWPE powder's good dispersion properties results in exceptional mechanical properties.

The benefits of MIPELON UHMWPE powder specific applications include:

  • In coating materials: Improved lubrication and abrasion resistance
  • In greases and lubricants: Improved lubrication and matte finish
  • In rubber: Improved lubrication, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance
  • In plastics: Improved lubrication and abrasion resistance

The inclusion of MIPELON yields products with superior heat and water resistance. It is also used in filtration applications due to its small particle size.

Please contact the product manager for more information on how Mitsui Chemicals can assist you with MIPELON UHMWPE powder or new product development acceleration.

Mipelon Fine Particle Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Powder's characteristics include:

  • Low friction coefficient
  • Self lubrication
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good impact strength
  • Strong chemical resistance
  • High-quality dispersion traits
  • Exceptional mechanical strength
  • Superior heat and water resistance

Modifier for Resins

Wiper, Glass Run Channel

Matte Agent, Slipper Agent with Durability

MIPELON™ is a fine particle ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder, with a molecular weight of two million microns or more.

MIPELON™ is a fine particle ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder, with a molecular weight of two million microns or more.

Modifier for Resins and Rubbers

The addition of MIPELON™ UHMWPE Powder to polyacetal, nylon, or phenol resin enhances the material's self-lubrication properties. Not only does the addition of the material improve self-lubrication of rubber, but it also increases chemical resistance.

Rubber Compounding

By compounding rubber with MIPELON, the improvement of friction, abrasion resistance and processability can be achieved.

Improvement of rubber friction

Improvement of rubber abrasion resistance

Weight Reduction & Hardness

Strength & Compression Set

Self-lubricating Materials

MIPELON UHMWPE Powder particles are extremely small relative to conventional ultra-high molecular weight polyethylenes; so large amounts of fillers such as carbon, graphite, or molybdenum disulfide are readily dispersed, resulting in exceptional self-lubricating properties


Sintered MIPELON makes an excellent porous filter material due its minuscule particle size.


The addition of MIPELON Fine Particle Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Powder to greases, lubricants, printing ink, coating materials, and pigments results in a matte finish and improved self-lubrication.

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