Photoresist Raw Materials

Bisphenols containing Carboxyl group, Bisphenols, Isatin derivatives, Trisphenols, Polyphenols, Methylolphenols / Methylolbisphenols, Acetoxystyrenes, Hydrogenated Bisphenols, Trisphenols

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Photoresist Backbones,Ballasting Agents for Photo Initiators,Additives

Photoresist Raw Materials
Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc. markets raw materials for the manufacture of photoresist chemicals through its affiliation with Honshu Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. (Honshu Chemical), a subsidiary of its parent company, to the United States market. Photoresists are light sensitive polymers that are essential to the semiconductor manufacturing process. There is an extensive line of photoresist raw materials offered by Honshu Chemical, spanning several hundred different polyphenols including metal free grades.

Some of the types of chemicals available from Honshu through Mitsui Chemicals are:

  • Modifiers for improving the performance of photoresists made of Novalac type phenolic resins such as m-cresol, 2,5-xylenol, 2,3,5-trimethylphenol and more complex phenolic compounds for high-resolution I-line technology.
  • Specialty acrylic monomers that provide transparency and anti dry etching properties such as tetracyclododecyl acrylate for AR-F technology.
  • Other monomers for Kr-F excimer technology such as meta and para acetoxystyrene.

Ballasting Agents for Photo Initiators
  • A wide variety of Bis-phenols, Tris-phenols and Tetrakis-phenols that react with napthoquinone diazide to form photo initiators.
  • For tandem-type photoresists relatively low molecular weight compounds are intentionally incorporated to achieve better performance.
  • Additives for longer shelf life such as antioxidants that have similar structures to the photoresist are required.

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