Mitsui Masking Tape™

Surface Protection Film

Protective adhesive film, easy to peel at fast speed and under harsh conditions

Usage detail

Protection of touch screens and the finished surfaces of metal panels



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Mitsui Masking Tape™ is a family of surface protection films used to protect the touch screens of consumer electronics and appliances, and to protect the finished surfaces of precoated metal, enameled steel, stainless steel and surfaced treated aluminum panels during manufacturing processes.


Blue Mitsui Masking Tape™


Clear Mitsui Masking Tape™




Mitsui Masking Tape™ protects key consumer products:
•  Smartphone and tablet screens
•  Computer screens and monitors
•  Refrigerator, Washer, and Dryer touch screens


Mitsui Masking Tape™ protects key automotive products:
•  Navigation, GPS screens
•  Vehicle control screens
•  Decorative decals and stickers


Mitsui Masking Tape™ protects key industrial products:
• Stainless steel rolls or panels
• Aluminum rolls or panels
• Coated steel rolls or panels



Mitsui Masking Tape™ demonstrates stable adhesive strength under harsh conditions of high temperature and humidity. It may be applied to a wide variety of surfaces and has outstanding utility when applied to rough surfaces. Of value in industrial applications, Mitsui Masking Tape™ is easy to peel at high speeds.


Tape is available in various widths up to 1,600 mm., advantageous when protection of wide surfaces is needed. Mitsui Masking Tape™ is produced with environmentally friendly water-based acrylic adhesive that delivers superior stability after curing under pressure and offers outstanding peel performance at high speeds. 


Mitsui Masking Tape™ in Various Roll Widths


Tape grades made from polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or PVC base films are available. Transparent, blue or white color tapes are available, depending on the choice of base film and the desired adhesive strength. Please contact our technical experts for help selecting the appropriate tape for your application.  To contact our experts, please click the Contact Form button below.



Mitsui Masking Tape™ Protects Metal Surfaces


Metal Protection


Mitsui Masking Tape™ may be used to protect sheets of precoated metal, enameled steel, stainless steel and surfaced treated aluminum. Mitsui Masking Tape™ should not be applied to copper or brass surfaces, because the adhesive may react chemically with the surface and cause discoloration.


Mitsui Masking Tape™ Protects Formed Metal Parts




With its environmentally friendly water-based acrylic adhesive, Mitsui Masking Tape™ may be applied to rolled metal plate with an inline lamination system. The protected metal plate may then be sheared into sheets for subsequent molding and forming processes.



Mitsui Masking Tape May be Applied by Inline Lamination


While a laminator is recommended for the application of Mitsui Masking Tape™, the product may be applied by hand. When applying Mitsui Masking Tape™ by hand, the user should stretch both ends of the tape in opposite directions to prevent air bubbles between the surface and the tape.



Mobility Applications

A typical mobility application for Mitsui Masking Tape™ is the protection of aluminum window frames of a bus. Available in a variety of widths, Mitsui Masking Tape™ can be applied efficiently to many windows of different geometries.  Mitsui Masking Tape™ also finds use as a protective film for automotive control and navigation screens.


Motorcycle enthusiasts may enjoy the design possibilities of customized decals and stickers.  Mitsui Masking Tape™ may be used to produce a wide range of decals and stickers for motorcycles and other mobility applications.


Mitsui Masking Tape™ Protects Aluminum Window Frames in a Bus



Mitsui Masking Tape™ Protects the Lens of a Navigation Screen



Mitsui Masking Tape™ May Be Used for Motorcycle Decals and Stickers



Mitsui Masking Tape™ should be stored in a well-ventilated room below 40 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight. For assistance selecting the correct grade of film for your application, please contact our technical experts.  To contact our experts, please click the Contact Form button below.

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Mitsui Masking Tape™ Application Guide

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