LUCANT™ Hydrocarbon Based Synthetic Oil

Ethylene-alpha-olefin co-oligomer

Usage detail

Additives for lubricants, rubber and resins



Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and The Lubrizol Corporation have entered into an alliance agreement making Lubrizol the exclusive worldwide seller and marketer of the LUCANT™ polymer product range to the lubricant industry. Please click here for the press release.

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Basic Information

LUCANT™ is an ethylene/α-olefin oligomer. It is a hydrocarbon-based synthetic oil containing no polar group. The synthetic oil having this structure is a unique product commercialized by Mitsui Chemicals for the first time in the world.

LUCANT™ as a base oil or a viscosity modifier contributes to an improvement in the functions of the lubricants that are required to have heat resistance, low-temperature resistance and high shear stability.

LUCANT™ as an additive to rubbers, resins, paints and coatings, etc. gives new functions such as processability, flexibility, heat resistance, low-temperature properties, sliding properties and defoaming properties, among other properties.



LUCANT™ is a colorless, transparent, viscous liquid. A full lineup of LUCANT™ grades that covers a broad range of viscosity is available.

Heat resistance

LUCANT™ is stable against heat. It is a material that has high flash and ignition points.

Chemical resistance

LUCANT™ is chemically stable and shows excellent chemical resistance, exhibiting little or no quality change when exposed to acid and alkali.

Lubricity improvement

LUCANT™ is a superb lubricating material that is characterized by wide operating temperature, excellent shear stability, excellent thickening efficiency, thick oil film thickness and low pour point, among other properties.


Lubricant application, rubber & elastomers application as plasticizer, flexibilizer and process aid, resin application as flexibilizer, slip agent and sliding property improver, paint and coating application as defoamer and other application (tackifier, adhesive, ink, cosmetics, heat carrier, specialty chemicals and solvents).

Property Detail

LUCANT™ property
Basic characteristic of representative grades
Item Unit Basic Property
Appearance - Clear and bright
Color (APHA) - 10
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C mm2 / s 40~2,000
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C mm2 / s 400~40,000
Viscosity at 25°C mPa・s 800~90,000
Density at 15°C g / cm3 0.838~0.851
Flash point (COC Method) °C 240~
Pour point °C -40~-10
Glass transition temp. (DSC) °C -80~-60
Iodine number g-I2 / 100g < 0.5
Viscosity-temperature curve
Viscosity-Temperature Curve
Comparison of heat evaporation loss
Comparison of heat evaporation loss
Kinematic viscosity(mm2/s) at 100°C
LUCANT™ : 100
Polyisobutylene : 87
Test method : MCI method, heating in air oven at 120°C, 30days
Comparison of low temperature viscosity
Comparison of low temperature viscosity
Kinematic viscosity (mm2/s) at 40°C
LUCANT™: 400
PAO: 435
Polyisobutylene: 407
Bright stock: 408

Application Detail

Lubricant application

LUCANT™ is a superb lubricating material that has the characteristics of wide operating temperature, excellent shear stability, excellent thickening efficiency, thick oil film thickness and low pour point, among other important properties. Furthermore, LUCANT™ provides higher functions and improving fuel saving performance of lubricants that are required to show heat resistance and low-temperature resistance, such as gear oil for automotive driveline systems including transmissions and differential gears and lubricants and grease for industrial use.

In the lubricant field, Mitsui Chemicals has entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with the Lubrizol Corporation. For details, please refer to our press release.


Rubber and Elastomer Application

When LUCANT™ is used as a plasticizer, a flexibilizer or a processing aid for rubbers and elastomers such as EPDM and thermoplastic styrene-based compounds, it endows them with flexibility, good processability, high heat resistance, good low-temperature properties, damping properties, antifouling characteristics, low migration properties, among other properties. The LUCANT™-using rubbers and elastomers are applicable to a wide variety of automotive parts (damping materials, sealing materials, etc.) and industrial parts (heat-resistant conveyer belts, OA rolls, etc.) LUCANT™ also demonstrates a high effect as a defoaming agent for thermosetting elastomers (urethane, epoxy, etc.)

Resin application

LUCANT™ endows a broad range of thermoplastic resins (POM, ABS, etc.) with satisfactory sliding properties, low-temperature properties, flowability and flexibility. The thermoplastic resins using LUCANT™ can be applied to those resin gears and bearings which are required to have sliding properties.

Paint and coating application

LUCANT™ demonstrates its effect as a defoaming agent for paints. It is effective particularly for paint and coatings based on solvent-based and non-solvent-based urethane and epoxy. Satisfactory appearance can be obtained with a small addition amount of LUCANT™. LUCANT™ contains no silicone or aromatic solvent.

Other application

Tackifier, adhesive, sealant, ink, cosmetics, heat carrier, specialty chemicals and solvents.

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