Low molecular weight polyolefin

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Lubricant for PVC, pigment dispersant, releasing agent for engineering plastics and toner



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HI-WAX™ Polyethylene Wax

HI-WAX™ is a polyethylene wax with various grades in Polymerization type, Modified type and Thermally Cracking type. The wax can be used as a slip agent, disperant, resin modifier, and mold release agent due to its molecular structure, which enables it to outperform natural waxes.

The performance characteristics and properties of the synthetic wax, include:

  • Solid or semisolid matter at room temperature
  • Low melting point, melted at room temperature ~150°C
  • Cystalline low molecular resin
  • Molecular weight: 300 ~10,000 (low molecular)

Range of Properties

This synthetic wax, made from a low molecular weight polypropylene, outperforms natural wax such as animal, plant or mineral wax, due to its heat resistance, melting point and molecular structure.


High-density type: High hardness and softening point owing to high density and crystallinity.

Low-density type: Low density and crystallinity, which are attributable to low hardness and softening point.

Acid-value type: Good affinity to polar polymers, inorganic chemicals, metals etc. Emulsifiable (High acid-value grades).

Acid-modified type: Reactive with alcohols, amines, isocyanates, oligomer having epoxy group etc.

Special monomer modified type: Good miscibility with polyethylene and aromatic hydrocarbon resins such as PS, ABS and polyesters.

Thermally cracking low-density polyethylene type: Extremely low crystallinity. Good miscibility with other resins.

Thermally cracking polypropylene type: Raised softening points and high hardness. The highest melting point.

Classification of Hi-Wax™

Classification of Hi-WAX™

Grades and physical properties

Grades and physical properties

Uses, function and recommended grades

Representative uses, of Hi-Wax™ and recommended grades

Representative Uses, of Hi-WAX™, and Recommended Grades

HI-WAX™ Polyethylene Wax Applications

The various grades of HI-WAX™ are used for a broad range of applications, such as slip agents, disperants, resin modifiers, and mold release agents for the molding of various synthetic resins.

Mold Release Agent for the Molding of Plastics

The polyethylene wax can be used as a mold release agent for plastics due to its releasability which increases productivity, prevents pollution and enables the molding of complex shapes.

Modifier for Engineered Plastics

It is used as a modifier for engineered plastics due to its impact strength and flexural modulus properties. With the use of HI-WAX™, manufacturers realize cost reduction due to thin materials.

Dispersant for Color Masterbatch

HI-WAX™ can also be used as a release agent for rubbers due to its releasability and stability.

Dispersant for Color Masterbatch

Two grades of HI-WAX™ are available for dispersant for color masterbatch applications; HI-WAX™ 420P which is a conventional type wax, and HI-WAX™ GB-01 which is a slightly acid modified type wax. Advantages of HI-WAX™ 420P include good pigment dispersibility, cost-effectiveness, and meets food regulations. For HI-WAX™ GB-01, advantages include special molecular design for and better pigment dispersibility.

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