Polymethylpentene PMP Resin

Exciting News About TPX™ Polymethylpentene Resin!


Color Masterbatch

TPX™ Added to Masterbatch Creates Color Streaks
TPX™ Added to Masterbatch Creates Marble Effect

TPX™ resin may be used to create a color masterbatch that imparts a marble streak or a wood grain effect in molded polyolefin plastic parts. Because TPX™ is a polyolefin-based resin, it is partially compatible with Polyethylene, Polypropylene, or TPO. Most importantly, the higher melting point of TPX™ resin results in varied flow patterns during the molding process.  This creates the marble streak or wood grain effect.



Cosmetics Packaging

TPX™ Can Be Extruded For Invisible Dip Tubes

TPX™ resin can be molded or extruded into clear cosmetics dip tubes and droppers replacing glass. The transparency and chemical resistance of TPX™ resin allows cosmetic packaging designers the freedom to create invisible dip tubes and droppers.  


TPX™ Resin Enhances Cosmetics Packaging
TPX™ rod and tube are nearly invisible in sample liquid












Release Film

Release Film For Printed Circuit Boards

The molding of composite parts or flexible printed circuit boards requires a release film that exhibits excellent conformity to the substrate and can survive high curing temperatures.  Release film made with TPX™ resin not only offers high heat resistance, TPX™ also features low heat distortion temperature, which enables it to follow precise protrusions and recesses of the flexible printed circuit substrate surface. This characteristic is key to stopping adhesive from leaking to the circuit section during the pressing process.



Paper Coating with TPX™

Release Paper Coated With TPX™ Resin

Release Paper coated with TPX™ resin offers superior release properties and survives the high temperatures of polyurethane or PVC curing.  This unique combination of features enhances the manufacturing of wound care products.  In  addition, paper coated with TPX™ resin demonstrates the needed release properties for FDA compliant, high temperature baking cartons.




Usage detail

TPX™ resin can be injection molded or extruded with conventional processing equipment

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